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Music Video and Song

Director of Photography, Editing, and Music by Tamara Benarroch
Starring Florencia Gastelum

My song “Orbit is our Dance” samples some of my favorite songs to depict my typical New York City weekend cycling between an electric dancing nightlife and a productive day, when what my soul truly yearns for is to dance on the beach along the waves.Friday nights, I get lost in the lasers and the electric dance of the night life. It’s got me hypnotized, so I keep going back.

Most mornings after, I wake up later than I would like to, with an echo of regret pulsing through me. I rewind the blurry night in my mind. I remember the flashing lights, the smoke, the drinks, people’s silhouettes, but never their faces.

I eventually start my to do list, which I would have already finished if I hadn’t gone out the night before, and sit at the nearest park to recharge in nature. Still, the night calls to me, and I find myself once again surrounded by lasers, dancing to the heartbeat of the city.

As much as l enjoy this hectic cycle in this wonderful concrete city, my soul is full when I’m dancing alongside the waves with the sand under my feet. It’s a thought that consumes me either by recalling sunny memories or anticipating the beaches to come.

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