It was when I stepped into my 6th-grade photography class I began my transformation from casual observer to genuine artist. Suddenly, I was viewing my world through a different lens: the artist’s lens. I knew that the world around me would never look the same; the ordinary was now exceptional and the mundane was anything but.

        In an instant, everything became a photo opportunity; I became obsessed with capturing every beautiful and moving moment I encountered. I began seeing light and pattern differently. I realized that something as familiar and simple as light can be transformed into an awe-inspiring piece.

       I’ve visited and have taken pictures in Colombia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Mexico, California, Hawaii and many other places. Through my photographs,  I was selected to be a teen contributing photographer for the fStop Foundation.

       Furthermore, photography has given me the opportunity to truly be myself; to express my view of the world. Very often I find myself digging deep and asking the tough questions. Other times my stories may be closer to the surface. Either way, my purpose remains the same: to tell my story and hopefully create a connection with the viewer.


       Through photography, I can create my own image, my own world; I can fabricate stories, real or not. What I love most about photography is the sense of control I feel when I am behind the camera. I am given the opportunity to carefully craft every single aspect or detail of a photo: the concept, the model, the editing, the viewer's emotions. Everything is at the tips of my fingers. 


       Most people dismiss the ordinary while I tend to capture the ordinary and make it extraordinary. With beautiful light, composition, technical skills, and editing, I try to do just that.

       Not only do I take fine art portrait photography, but I also capture landscapes, animals, street photography, still-lifes, and social photography. I love having the ability to explore different styles of photography, and challenging myself instead of staying in my comfort zone. 

       My connection to photography is deep, unbreakable, and soul-searching.

       I am lucky that photography got a hold of me and I hope it never lets go.