Most people that see my work are first surprised by my age— I am now 16, and I started taking photos when I was 12. At 13, I had won my first Scholastics National Gold Medal and was awarded a complete high school scholarship at a top-ranking private school.

Photography in my life has evolved from curious-oriented experiments to a full-blown passion, one I want to pursue as a life career. I have explored many types of photography: animals, landscapes, portraits, events, and street photography.


Now what I enjoy the most is giving powerful meaning to my photography.

I’ve visited and have taken pictures in Colombia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Mexico, California, Hawaii, Barcelona, and many other places. Through my photographs,  I was selected to be a teen contributing photographer for the fStop Foundation.

Portraits and street photography are where I find the most range of human emotions, which in the end, are at the root of the decisions that shape our lives. So I seek to evoke and stir those exact deep and powerful emotions through my photos. I love creating worlds, fabricating stories, and, sometimes, revealing the intimate relationship between perception and hidden authenticity. I am passionate about carefully crafting every single aspect of an image: the concept, the model, the posing, the editing. I am always hunting for that coveted response I desire my project to evoke.

We live in a world of powerful storytelling, many times overwhelmingly so. But unfortunately, people’s span of attention is minimal. What if I could catch your attention for 15 seconds through an image that sears a meaningful message into you? A message that could make you feel personally seen or impacted; perhaps a connection to stop and reflect, and maybe a few seconds of awe in our regular lives. I want my work to be meaningful to me and to others looking to share a personal or commercial narrative that creates memorable connections.

 My connection to photography is deep, unbreakable, and soul-searching.

I am lucky that photography got a hold of me and I hope it never lets go.




Awarded Full High School Scholarship at David Posnack Jewish School – Ranked #3 Private School in


Teen contributing photographer for the fStop Foundation

1 National Gold Key in the 2019 Scholastic Art and Writing Competition
1 National Silver Key in the 2020 Scholastic Art and Writing Competition

2021 Finalist in Sony Youth World Competition, Genre: Street Photography

9 Scholastic Art and Writing Gold Keys

12 Scholastic Art and Writing Silver Keys

9 Scholastic Art and Writing Honorable Mentions

2 Finalists in the Drexel University High School Photography Competition (2019, 2020)

Chosen Best Digital Art in the 2020 Congressional Art Competition

2 Honorable Mentions in Broward Art Guild Youth Competition (2018, 2019)

Chosen for the Courage to Create photo exhibit Sunrise Civic Center 2018

8 awards at Art Walk 2019 (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4 Honorable Mentions)

To see the winning images, check out my AWARDS page