I began taking pictures when I signed up for a 6th grade photography elective at school. I instantly fell in love with taking photos so I take my camera everywhere I go. I have a deep passion for photography. Photography helps express how I view the world around me.

I’ve visited and have taken pictures in Colombia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and many other places. I love editing so I stay up late at night working and exploring the tools in Lightroom and Photoshop. Photography has always had a big place in my heart, so I am thrilled and honored to be selected as a teen contributing photographer for the fStop Foundation.

Through photography, I have discovered that I am an artist, and it is my major passion in life.


Why do I love photography?  Such a difficult question to answer. There are several reasons why I love photography and it's almost impossible to choose one. Perhaps it’s the combination of them all. 

Photography helps express how I view the world around me and gives me the ability to capture beautiful moments for others to enjoy. 

I love photography because it has no race, no religion, no language, it can unite us. Photography is the universal language that brings people together. (I read this somewhere and I love it!)

A photograph can be just as powerful as words. They can make you feel emotions that you may have never felt before. It can capture a wonderful moment and make it last forever, or capture a moment so heartbreaking that you can physically feel the pain in your chest.

I hope to inspire change in the world. I hope that someday I capture a moment so powerful and so truthful that I inspire others to take action and make things better.

Most people dismiss the ordinary while I tend to capture the ordinary and make it extraordinary. With beautiful light, composition, technical skills, and editing, I try to do just that.


The gears in my mind are always turning and thinking, but every time I take a picture or have my camera in my hand, everything goes silent and still. All I think is “How can I make this shot truly great?” or “How can I guide my viewers to see what I see and feel?” “How can I get everything I can out of this picture?”


Photography has and always will have a big place in my heart.


I am lucky that photography got a hold of me and I hope that it never let’s go.