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Photo and Video by Tamara Benarroch, Logo by Ellina Jung

In collaboration with Butterdose Bakery

May 2024

Butterdose is a family-owned local bakery, brunch, and coffee spot located in New York City's East Village (2nd Avenue and 13th Street). They offer a variety of options such as coffee, tea, matcha, boba, a variety of pastries, and above all, their delicious creampuffs. Butterdose is the ultimate New York City Business: It’s a Chinese-owned cafe that utilizes French baking techniques with Japanese flavor, offering a fresh twist on classic French pastries!


In this collaboration, I show Butterdose’s process of making some customer favorites, from start to finish: the Strawberry Sakura, Chocolate Banana, and their newest item, Mango Sago! 


The second promotional video shows the process of making their most popular spring drink, their Strawberry Matcha! I highly recommend asking for tapioca in your drink as well!

I also commercially photographed four of their most popular creampuffs and the bakery itself.

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