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Gaia Designs: Cybele

May 2024

By Gaia Designs and Tamara Benarroch


Gaia Designs is a brand I created for my Fashion Studio Class at Parsons School of Design. We were tasked with creating an avant-garde design that somehow adapted future humans to face the problems of the future city they live in. The future city I chose was Medellin, Colombia as I imagine it in 100 years. In this utopian society, animals and humans live peacefully alongside each other. My brand, Gaia Designs, would have created adaptation for these circumstances. I created its prototypes. 



Gaia Designs, where nature meets innovation!
Founded by Tamara Benarroch, we believe in harnessing the wisdom found in nature’s design in order to foster a deeper connection with the natural world. Gaia merges elegant aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, crafting life-changing artifacts that bridge the gap between the animal kingdom and humankind and creating garments mimicking nature. 



Gaia Designs presents “Cybele,” a stunning ensemble featuring two elegant gold accessories—a captivating earpiece and a graceful choker—paired with an avant-garde garment. In Greek mythology, “Cybele” is the goddess of the fertile earth and wild animals, reflecting the themes in our garment.

The jewelry serves as a communication bridge between humanity and the animal kingdom, enabling wearers to communicate with and understand any animal’s language. Intricately designed, the gold choker boasts vine-like patterns, while the earpiece features delicate spiral embellishments reminiscent of Gaia’s emblem. Both pieces are adorned and powered by vibrant green crystals.

The “Cybele” garment is a vision of elegance—a backless, off-the-shoulder emerald green dress. Its leaf-shaped skirt, adorned with moss, evokes the lushness of the earth, offering a familiar sanctuary for wildlife. Together, these elements inspire a harmonious connection between nature and humanity.”



I chose to photograph my design using nature as the backdrop considering that was its inspiration. I utilized multimedia practices in order to embed elements of trees, such as leaves and bark, into the photograph itself.


Check out the magazine spread I created using these pictures! 

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