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        These conceptual portrait photographs vary from theme, message, mood, and execution creating a unique portfolio.

        Through my portraits, I hope to fabricate a story, real or not, and hopefully provoke that well-known "Woah" from the viewer.


        Through a series of photographs, I tell my story varying from women in Tae Kwon Do, my connection to coffee, and my recently reignited friendship with my childhood best friend. 


        These striking landscapes are located in various places around the world such as California, Colombia, Thailand, Vietnam,  Hawaii, Mexico, and even South Florida! 

Street Photography

        As I travel around the world with my camera, I fell in love with capturing these "ordinary" moments in time, and making them extraordinary.  Capturing people in their day-to-day lives displays such a different life from our own. 

        Through these images, the viewer is able to create their own unique back story on the unique events presented.  

Fine Art



        Many of these images were taken in places around the world like Vietname, Thailand, and Hawaii. These images are also featured on the fStop Foundation website and Instagram. (

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