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Scholastics National Awards

Comfort in Silence

My series “Comfort in Silence” documents my recently reignited friendship with the deepest connection I’ve had since my adolescence. 

Isabella Romero and I became best friends at the age of six when our parents met. For a while, we were inseparable, as young girls usually are, even with almost a two-year age gap. 

Around the time of middle school, she and I eventually drifted apart. Unfortunately, we grew so apart from each other that at reunions, we blankly stared at our phones to avoid the silences that were saturated in awkwardness.


As time went on, high school began, and we individually began to truly find ourselves, we inevitably found our paths crossing once again. It had felt as if the distance that drove a wedge between us had never existed; As if by discovering ourselves and who we truly are, it led us back to the beginning. 


Ever since our connection deepened, I found myself going to her house every other weekend. All that time was spent rediscovering the new version of each other which differed so much from our six-year-old selves. Surprisingly, the more we learned about one another, the more we realized how similar we grew to be. 


Hence, our filters and barriers that are normally put up when around others, became non-existent; We could act as our absolute true selves without feeling judged. Having found such an intimate connection at such a young age has made me feel truly happy since I’m sure it’ll be one that lasts a lifetime


Our connection allowed us to simply be together for hours, reading short stories on our phones without speaking a word; instead of using our screens as an escape from each other, they contrarily show how comfortable we've grown to be. As times change, so does the air that fills the silence. No longer did uneasiness and awkwardness fill the room.


We had both learned to find comfort in silence.

This process was especially unique since I decided to print the images post-editing, poke holes into them with thumbtacks, and ultimately shine a light behind them to create the effect shown. The patterns I created further highlight our unbreakable connection while also adding a unique element to the series. 

Benarroch, February 2022

2Z60_6056 holes.jpg
Z60_7389 seamless holes (fixed).jpg
Z60_7394 seamless holes.jpg
Z60_8789-holes seamless.jpg
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