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A Perspective From A Girl In A Dojo

        One might never think that women, photography, and Tae-Kwon-Do can go hand in hand together. However, I have taken these elements present in my life and found a way to put them together to enhance the perception of feminine strength...

A Persepective of A Girl in a Dojo

Una Tacita De Café

        It is the physical and emotional act of making my pure coffee that appeals to me even more so than drinking it. Performing each step in the process undoubtedly constitutes the most peaceful moments of my day. It grants me a moment of being present in my life; a moment of absolute stillness...

(This image, "Like All Those Before Me" is only one of five from my series)

Una Tacita de Cafe

Comfort In Silence

         My series “Comfort in Silence” documents my recently reignited friendship with the deepest connection I’ve had since my childhood...

Comfort in Silence