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This work is my personal work, aka my personal archive. It showcases the moments in my life that I've felt the need to capture. It consists of me capturing the people around me, interacting with their scenes and in-the-moment portraits of them.


I carefully cropped each image to communicate a cinematic feel, authentically capture a moment, or capture a personal portrait. The cinematic-looking stills have a longer crop.


I also play with different editing styles to either tell a story, give it a film-feel, show the real moment through minimal editing, or to emphasize the subject. For example, I overexposed some of the portraits to remove distracting, meaningless elements and emphasize the subject. 

This archive is a peek into my day-to-day life, where I capture the mundane and candid moments with the friends and family I see every day. 

To view the archive larger and more cinematically, how it's meant to be viewed, press control/cmd +.

To see the titles, hover over the images.

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