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This is my personal work. The world through my eyes. My world. 


It showcases the intimate moments in my life I've felt the need to capture. As a portrait photographer, naturally, most of the moments are of candid shots of the people in my orbit. Each image represents a memory. Thus by capturing them, I've frozen that moment in time forever, now invulnerable to the possibility of forgetting them. 

"My photographs don't replace my memories, they represent them."

- Olivia Bee, Portrait Photographer


 I portray these moments through cinematic horizontal crops, colorful shadows, texturizing grain, saturated colors, and black and white edits.This archive reminds me of the street photography I used to do, but instead of the subjects being strangers on the streets, they consist of loved ones and the people in my orbit, making each image all the more meaningful. 

To view the archive larger and more cinematically, how it's meant to be viewed, press control/cmd +.

To see the titles, hover over the images.

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